Inspiring! These two suffering World Cup workers in Qatar prayed to the other’s god to end their lives!

Finally, some good news on the diversity front.  While President Trump spends his time trying to build walls, meet the two men who are working to knock them down.

These two Nepalese migrant workers, one Muslim and one Christian, finally found common ground Wednesday as each overheard the other praying to whatever god would listen to mercifully kill them and end their suffering.

Talk about a refreshing change of pace on the tolerance front!

“I was standing in the same place I always do, near the market district so I could beg for food, and Winsel came and started working my territory,” remarked Leegreg Khadka, who came to Qatar with the promise of being able to send money home to his family but promptly had his contract torn up and has been a de facto slave ever since.  “We’d butted heads over religion before – Winsel is a Christian and I am a devout follower of Islam – but I let it slide because he seemed delirious due to heat exhaustion.”

Then things got truly remarkable.

“Eventually the market started to thin out and quiet down, and I hadn’t gotten a single dirham.  By that point I hadn’t eaten for days, and fatigue had sunk into my bones,” Leegreg recalled.  “I dropped to my knees, looked to the black heavens, and prayed for an end to my suffering.  Not to Allah alone, but to anyone who would hear my cry, even Jesus Christ.  But in the quieting night, I overheard Winsel doing the same thing, weeping and begging Allah for the same merciful death.”

Diversity win!

According to Leegreg, as the two overheard each other, they shared a brief, knowing smile, finally understanding one another and bridging their differences, before returning to their labor camp to sleep before another 16 hour day of grueling physical labor.

By the next morning, Leegreg had doubled down on his Islamic faith when he found that Winsel’s pleas for the supplication of divine murder were answered and he was found dead in his straw palette overnight.

Thanks, Leegreg and Winsel, for restoring hope in humanity!


Author: David Martin

Writing for and Propagator of soccer satire. @offensive_loons on Twitter and Reddit.

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