Chicago Fire change kit sponsors to Aflac after proposed Illinois legislation

The Illinois Senate recently introduced legislation proposing a bill that would change the age of disability benefits of athletes in Illinois from the regular age of 65 to 35. The NFLPA (NFL Players Association) has already threatened it would warn members to avoid signing with the Chicago Bears and the MLSPU (MLS Player’s Union) have said they would join their fellow sports body in opposing the bill.

The MLSPU has not gone so far as to say they would advise players to not sign with the Chicago Tire Fire but they have strongly suggested they would follow the lead of the 4 other Professional Sports Unions in that step.

In a dramatic move the Chicago Fire which just announced a new kit with Minneapolis-based Valspar Corporation have announced a new, unprecedented 4th kit would be unveiled shortly. The Daves I Know has exclusively learned that this kit would be sponsored by Aflac, a Georgia based supplemental health and life insurance company.

Michele Klein, Director of Partnership Marketing said, “This is a great opportunity for the Chicago Fire to provide not only a more secure work environment for our players but also to show the public at large how important supplemental health coverage can be.” Owner and Chairman Andrew Hauptman stated, “Every match I attended our fans kept yelling, Duck! as free kicks were skied into the stands, then it hit me.”

Newest Chicago Fire players, Juninho and Dax McCarty were excited to learn about their new “Specified Health Event” coverage.

An NFLPA lobbyist has previously noted that the Illinois bill would most impact athletes making less than $100,000 per year, which includes nine players currently on the Chicago Fire’s roster, per SBI, making this new development a very welcome one for Fire players as they are being carted off the field, presuming that their payroll deductions went through correctly.


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