Leastern Conference Prediction Haikus

From worst to first, can’t guarantee the haikus will be the same.

Chicago Fire

chicago is nice
the Fire don’t play there it’s dumb
what is a Bridgeview

Philadelphia Union

Fafa plus the Gooch
still just a mid-table team
Open Cup run once

Atlanta United

Tata is the coach
big splashy signings could shine
sadly they will not

Columbus Crew

scary ass diamond
we stole Saeid, sad Crew fans
have fun in eighth place

Orlando City SC

what a stadium
purple is the color of Prince
go to hell Lions

New England Revolution

where is Foxboro
not in Qinzee, Go Brady!
deflate some more balls


soccer in New York
still played on a diamond field
David Villa’s god

DC United

third best United
too many wings on the field
knockout round exit

Montreal Impact

french people are dumb
how do you draw a rectangle
the French don’t know how

Toronto FC

Giovinco, god
Jozy and Bradley, ok
second place at best

New York Red Bulls

Auf weidersehn Dax
you too Sporting Director
first place should be ours!

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