Week 4 Precaps

I mean honestly, there’s only 3 games so you literally have time to watch 6 hours of soccer, but let’s face it, these will be depleted squads, well unless your New England (then you didn’t lose anybody. So let’s dive in!

New England v Minnesota: What happens when to immovable objects play in a football stadium that’s way the shit out of Boston. Nothing probably. Although as Minnesota is down 5 guys (4 to International duty and 1 to Suspension) if the Revolution don’t blow Minnesota out maybe some heads start to roll. Long story short, we’re predicting an upset here. Minnesota steals one from the Krafts 3-1.

New York Red Bulls v Real Salt Lake: RSL just fired there coach and NYRB are one of the best teams in the East, this should be a walk in the park for Ironman Luis Robles 4-1 to the team from Salzburg.

Columbus v Portland: Columbus is the Merriam-Webster definition of an average team. Portland Timbers are decidedly not average and are 2nd only to Atlanta in goals scored. Again expect a blowout 4-2 to Portland and it won’t even feel that close.

Thanks for checking back this week. Next week we are back with a full slate of matches, including two Friday matches


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