Pro/Rel Truthers Confused, Suspicious Of Non-White Male Pro/Rel Advocate

Confusion and distrust swirled around social media Sunday morning as previously unheard-of twitter user @Justice4USSoccer began spouting promotion and relegation rhetoric despite not being a white male.

“At first I was excited about this new voice in the group,” reported Dylan Bridgeford, a white male in his twenties and long-time pro/rel advocate. “Then ‘Justice’ updated their avatar with a picture of a black woman. I guess I thought it was a joke. Then they tweeted out support for the snowflakes down in North Carolina, and said “as a black woman, I am outraged that hate continues to fester unchecked by the leader of the free world.

“What the fuck was that?”

Followers of ‘Justice’ suggested the twitter user hit all the right beats when discussing soccer: ceaseless harassment of people who disagreed with the idea of pro/rel, or simply did not agree hard enough; insistence that MLS and its executives operated a wide reaching conspiracy to smother lower level soccer in the United States; and suggestions that further bed sheets be spray painted and displayed at games as the best means of spreading the message of a merit based approach to soccer organization in this country.

“But they turned out to be a black woman. Which, I mean, I guess there isn’t a reason a pro/rel advocate can’t be a black woman. I suppose. But…I don’t know, I’m just not comfortable with this whole thing,” Bridgeford summarized.

As of press time, twitter followers of ‘Justice’ sat dumbfounded as she began a lengthy diatribe about ethics in gaming journalism.

Author: David Martin

Writing for and Propagator of soccer satire. @offensive_loons on Twitter and Reddit.

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