Inaugural Daves Champions League Preview

Because the Daves are nothing if not Europhiles [Editor’s Note: we’re not – OLF], not to mention that the official team of The Daves I Know is Liverpool, we will be previewing each Champions League matchday. While we won’t talk about every match we will take a look at four or five great matches each week, and there will be at least four or five high octane, awesome matches.


Barcelona v Juventus – In almost any other year people would be calling this a potential finals matchup. Both teams have started perfectly in their domestic leagues and both teams are quite a bit different than they were last year. Obviously Dembele and Paulino are now at Barca and we’ll see if they can make a difference at the Camp Nou. Juve absolutely dominated Barca last year in the quarterfinals 3-0 aggregate on their way to the finals.

Celtic v PSG – Did anyone watch the PSG match over the weekend? Cavani, Mbappe, and Neymar is fucking scary! Like legitimately pants-shittingly scary. Good thing Brendan Rodgers gets them for the first match in Champions League. God I hate Brendan Rodgers! If Celtic has any hope of even making it to third in their group a result against the Ligue 1 bullies is all but necessary.


Tottenham v Borussia Dortmund – The Spurs got no favors from the ghost of Sepp Blatter when their ball was drawn in with BVB and Real Madrid. APOEL will be no pushover either! The Spurs are also dealing with their inability to win at Wembley, which definitely will not haunt them at all, no siree.

RB Leipzig v AC Monaco – Leipzig participate in their first ever Champions League facing last year’s darling AC Monaco in the opening match. Both teams have one domestic league loss, Leipzig losing away to Schalke and Monaco getting absolutely housed by Nice 4-0 on the weekend in the Derby de la Côte d’Azur. Both teams don’t much care for defense so this one might be a barnburner!

Liverpool v Sevilla – This is probably the scariest match of the group for Liverpool fans. Especially after absolutely shitting the bed against Manchester City on Saturday morning. If Sevilla comes out and gets an early goal, sphincters will start to tighten all around Anfield. On the other hand there is nothing quite like European nights in Liverpool and one should expect the Liverpudlians to show up, especially since Sevilla prevented Liverpool from participating in Champions League last year due to them beating Liverpool in the 2016 Europa League Final.

This doesn’t even include Feyenoord hosting their first Champions League match in fifteen years when Manchester City in the Netherlands, or Real Madrid against the Cypriot squad APOEL. So schedule your two hour lunches for Tuesdays and Wednesdays during Matchdays and join me at the Dubliner.

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