The Daves I Know is a labor of love and hate by Minnesota United FC fans and the general soccer nerds we call writers. Founded by David Zeller and David Martin, the site brings our own spin on our lovely Loons and on the soccer world around us, that spin including uninformed punditry, heated off-topic discussions, and alcohol-fueled cries for help in the encroaching darkness.  In a more practical sense, it means this:


We host a weekly podcast that covers the previous United game and the upcoming United game from a tactical perspective.  This is not the place to go to find the latest headlines; you can get that anywhere.  Instead, this is where to find whom and what to watch for, what the upcoming team is going to bring tactically, and how United can take them on.  Of course, you’ll also get thirty minutes each episode in which the two Daves talk about their dicks, so there’s a balancing act at work.


Supplementing the Daves I Know podcast is http://www.davesiknow.com (lo, you’re already here). This is the place to find soccer content beyond game recaps and tactical stuff. Instead, we believe soccer should be fun first and foremost. That is why you’ll find sexy European game previews, trash talk posts, the “casual’s corner,” and all that’s bizarre from the world’s game.

Thanks for joining us on this journey.  We are shooting for the stars on this; even if we miss, we’ll at least burn up in the atmosphere and not live to endure the shame of our failure.

The Daves I Know are:

  • David Zeller, Managing Editor, contributor, Podcast Host/Showrunner, Social Media contributor
  • David Martin, Editor Emeritus, contributor
  • David Baker, contributor
  • Ben Chiles, contributor
  • Luke Cragg, contributor
  • Matthew Johnson, contributor, Podcast co-host
  • Collin Solberg, contributor
  • Mike Pendleton, visual arts
  • Dan Wade, Podcast co-host
  • Jessica Moss, Podcast co-host


Supplementing the Daves I Know podcast is the Daves I Know social media account


You can also find the podcast co-hosts ranting about soccer, broomball, telling people they are not Dwayne Wade and whatever Jessica tweets about at: