A Very Uninformed EPL Preview

Did we just realize that the EPL was starting today? Maybe. Did we decide that we should do an EPL Preview at noon on Thursday? Definitely. So we definitively break down every team with no bias to any team whatsoever. Honestly, I think we broke things down pretty well, in the half-assed Dave’s kinda way.

We break every team down from A to Zed (spoiler alert, there isn’t a Zed team in the EPL this year). We also make some wagers on each team points O/U, so you can win some money!

Apology Tour

The gang is all back together and there is a lot of shit to talk about. We have MLS & NWSL tourneys, USSF realizing they suck ass, Bundesliga, FC Seoul shitting the bed, EPL Re-Preview, and an apology tour. Plus some questions!
We also get a Carl Craig story, determine MVO is good crazy and talk wrasslin’.

Oh yeah, also some other dumb soccer shit.


A Dave and a Luke discuss the defensive stalwarts Eric Miller & Brent Kallman, the maddening inconsistency of our attack, preview DC United and are flabbergasted at Heath’s insinuation that it’s the media’s fault our defense has been shit.