Roster Night Moves

The gang gets together to discuss Reynoso being a bad, bad boy, MNUFC roster moves, and some contract news. Then MJ and Zeller talk Jess off a ledge re: MLS Next Pro and highlight some of the Dark Clouds End of Year Auction Items.

After the break, we briefly chat about MLS playoffs, MNWOSO designs, Women’s FA Cup Final, Jesse Marsch, and a brief Everton divergent.

Loons Report Card 2021

The gang gets together to discuss the MNUFC 2021 season. Suffice to say, they all had different rankings, like literally, no one was on the same page. It was a glorious mess!

We also briefly discussed the USMNT playing a WCQ in February in Minnesota and potential World Cup Qualifier action!

Also, Jess is very sad that Ethan Finlay is no longer a Loon!

Portland is for Lovers

A disappointing loss in Portland for the Loons, but Jess got to experience her first-ever away day and she… has thoughts! Frank Pain decides to go full villain, there are some 2022 match announcements, and we wish a happy birthday to Juan Agudelo.

Also, women’s soccer is making news, we briefly discuss Elizabeth Lyle Robbie Stadium, MNWOSO, and the NWSL final.

Happy Birthday Ozzie Alonso

We are all back together, live, and in-person for the shortest podcast this dumb podcast has ever recorded! We discuss the match against the LA Galaxy that the Loons tried to giveaway. Dave talks about his prowess as an MLS gambler and we discuss why in the ever-loving fuck was Frank Pain taking that penalty.

All that, plus some NWSL playoffs, and we wish Captain Ozzie Alonso a happy birthday!

Choice Words for Allen Chapman

A four-point week that should’ve been six, we briefly break down the mid-week match with Philadelphia and the weekend match with LAFC. Jess has some choice words for Allen Chapman too. 

Then we discuss the Loons playoff chances, our magic number is 10, discuss a disappointing end to the Gophers season, ad wax poetically about Megan Rapinoe. After that we discuss the huge week coming up with a mid-week match with Vancouver and a spoooookkkkyyyyy match against the Sporks on Halloween.

Finally, a Dave rubs one out to that Liverpool performance over the weekend and MJ laments what once was at Everton.

Frank Pain or Almond Cream

The gang gets back together to discuss a 3 point match that definitely felt like a loss and tries to decide if Frank Pain is good or bad and if his alter ego is Almond Cream.

There is also a fun discussion on some fun (depressing) facts about MNUFC. We also talk magic numbers and tell you who to root for on Wednesday!

After the break, it is lots of women’s soccer, including the Gophers, MNWOSO, and NWSL. Finally we breakdown a very important two-match week, with surprising (for us) detail.